After Avándaro: the black hole of mexican rock
 Some heroes of the Mexican rock  
In Fernando Aceves' book, Retratos del Rock Mexicano (Portraits of Mexican Rock), small biographies appear at the bottom of the pictures of some of the main characters of the black hole of Mexican rock. We now present summaries of some of them.

First poster of the festival, where a tentative list of the groups was presented
 Jacobo Aragón, Drummer from El Epílogo, he lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is director of the Centro Cultural Latino and plasy in the blues group Jack o' Diamonds.


 Federico Arana, musician, biologist, caricaturist and writer, member of the Sinners, Sonámbulos and Naftalina. Major collector of rock records. Author of the book Guaraches de Ante Azul (Blue Suede Shoes), a history of Mexican rock. Still active.

Fernando Bahauks, who played with Batiz, Tijuana Five, Love Army and Naftalina, is presently a live and recording musician.

María Esther Medina Núñez (Baby Batiz), who recorded her only LP 15 years ago, accompanies her brother Javier Batiz and also sings alone.

Armando Nava of the Dug Dug's

 Armando Nava, of the Dug Dug's, continues producing recordings and reissuing others, such as Pájaro Alberto's album. He still plays in México City.

Fito de la Parra, of the Sinners, Sparks, and Batiz, is presently the main member of Canned Heat.

Carlos "El Tigre" Dufóo, of The Klan, Tequila, Cosa Nostra, is now a studio musician.

Francisco "Kiko" Rodríguez, former singer of Bandido, one of the best singers in existence, sings in the group Old Days. He sings two songs on the soundtrack of Cilantro y Perejil.

Servando Ayala, the pianist and organist of Los Spiders, and part of Stone Facade, 39.4 and La Revolcuión de Emiliano Zapata, now studies communications and makes advertising music. He plays with la Fachada de Piedra.

Francisco Kiko Rodríguez

Francisco Bareño, of El Ritual, considered by many as the best Mexican rock group of all time, lives in San Diego and is still active in music.

Guillermo Briseño, of Cosa, Séptimo Aire and Banda de Guerra, continues to be active in music.

   Mayita Campos, excellent blues and jazz singer, sang with the Yaki and Lucifer.

 Eduardo Toral, who was in the Sparks, Locos del Ritmo, Yaki and produced Mr Loco and El Tri, has just released a CD.

Alejandro Eisenring played with Queso Sagrado and Syntoma. One of electronic music's pioneers in Mexico.

Octavio "El Sopas" Espinoza, the great saxophonist, has played with Los Rebeldes del Rock, Teen Tops, Batiz, Peace and Love, Dug Dugs and Briseño.

Eduardo Toral

 Guadalupe Lupillo Hernández Barajas, who was with Tijuana Five and Apocalypse, is now a jazz musician.

Sergio Figueroa, singer of Tinta Blanca, continues to play music, but only as a hobby.

Alberto "El Pájaro" Isordia was the founder of Tijuana Five and Love Army. With the group Sacrosaurio, he recorded the album Viaje Fantástico which has been reissued. He lives in San Diego, California and plays non-professionally.

Alberto López, of Toncho Pilatos, a group of high quality, has two CDs for sale.

Javier Martin del Campo was the guitarist of La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata, authors of the first big English-language, Mexican rock radio hit, "Nasty Sex.." The group changed its style to ballads and cumbias. Their first two albums are their best ones.

Carlos Mata played in Grupo Nuevo Mexico, with one of the best progressive rock albums in Mexico, called "Hecho en Casa." He is a guitar teacher and he sometimes appears with Nuevo Mexico.

Armando Molina, founder of La Máquina del Sonido and one of the organizers of the festival of Avándaro, is still active and will soon publish a book on Avándaro.

Miguel Ochoa, together with Tony Baker, founded Stone Facade (Fachada de Piedra), a legendary group from Guadalajara. He is still active.

Jorge Reyes, member of Nuevo Mexico and Al Universo, later founded Chac Mool. He has been devoted to prehispanic and electronic music's coalition. He has produced a great number of albums and is highly regarded in Europe.

Walter Schmidt, member of Decibel and Casino Shangai, among others, is a successful producer of radio programs.

Ricardo "El Sábanas" Toral, former member of Sinners, Apocalipsis, El Klan, Bandido and David and Goliath, plays with the band Old Days.

Carlos Vázquez, "Bozzo I," drummer of Los Rebeldes del Rock, Rogers, Sleepers, Náhuatl, is now a producer.

Javier Batiz, tJavier Batiz, the best mexican guitarist, continues playing, for luck.

Felipe Maldonado, founder of Peace and Love, has two CDs for sale. He now lives in San Diego, California.

Ricardo Ochoa, founder of Peace and Love and Náhuatl and creator of Kenny y los Eléctricos, lives in California, USA and has become a producer.

Javier Batiz, Felipe Maldonado (Peace and Love), Ricardo Ochoa (Peace and Love y Náhuatl), Martín Mayo (El Ritual) and Ramón Torres (Náhuatl)
  Ramón Ochoa, Bozzo II, drummer of Peace and Love, continues to be active as a musician.r